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14. feb, 2021

Over the course of about a hundred artworks (including prints, sculptures, tapestries and banners) presented in the form of a retrospective journey that reflects some of the themes most dear to Lichtenstein (objects, female figures, comic strips), there is an astoundingly wide range of techniques on display.

Photographs of my visit are incorporated in this short videodoodle ''Comic Strip'' (Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot)

7. feb, 2021

Café 't Mandje is a bar in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It is located on Zeedijk 63 and was opened in 1927 by Bet van Beeren, herself a lesbian. The Amsterdam Museum holds the replica of 't Mandje. 't Mandje is often presented as the first gay bar in the Netherlands, but that's not correct: in Amsterdam there were already some gay bars in the first decade of the 20th century. Also, 't Mandje was not specifically a bar for gay men, but more of a tolerant place where prostitutes, pimps, seamen and lesbian women came together. After her death in 1967, her youngest sister Greet continued the business until it closed in 1982, but the bar and its entire interior was preserved by her ever since and could be visited upon request. Just before her death in August 2007, she took the initiative to have the bar reopened. The bar has been open under the management of her niece Diana since 29 April 2008.

7. feb, 2021

The work is a tribute to Ihsane Jarfi who was murdered as a result of a homophobic crime in 2012, in Liège Belgium. Back then, the case had attracted national awareness and widespread reaction as a result of the barbaric nature of the crime. Ihsane’s father, Hassan Jarfi, wrote a book — “Le Couloir du Deuil” — ​The Mourning Hall — a book that tells the story of a father torn between his Muslim faith and the love for his son. The Rainbow House of Bruxelles has collaborated with Anthea Missy, a visual artist based in Brussels, to create the tribute in order to remind people of that symbolic case in the history of tolerance and acceptance of people who are of a sexual orientation that challenges norms and society.

31. dec, 2020

There is probably no other city in the world that has as many comic book stores as Brussels. There is also hardly any other city where comic book characters have escaped the pages and scattered themselves around the facades of the buildings in the city center like they do here.
The love affair between Brussels and comic books has a long history. The city’s two most famous magazines – Tintin and Spirou – sprang up in the beginning of the 20th century. Some of the most beloved comic books of several generations were created here: The Smurfs, Lucky Luke, Tintin, Gaston Lagaffe…
Brussels, of course, has a comic book museum – the Belgian Comic Strip Centre, where you can learn useful and interesting information. But it is much more inspiring to just walk down the streets of the Belgian capital and get acquainted with your favorite characters in person.

15. dec, 2020

''Andy Warhol - The American Dream Factory'' in La Boverie in Luik, blikt terug op de carrière van een van de meest invloedrijke kunstenaars van de 20e eeuw.
De tentoonstelling verzamelt de beroemdste werken van Andy Warhol uit 's werelds grootste musea en toonaangevende privécollecties, evenals zeldzame documenten die voor het eerst worden gepresenteerd. Een mooi en levendig portret van 40 jaar Amerikaanse geschiedenis waarvan Warhol de ziel vastlegt als geen enkele andere kunstenaar van zijn tijd.

Foto's van mijn bezoek aan deze tentoonstellng zijn te vinden in het album ''Luik'' op de pagina ''Capturing The Moment''