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12. jul, 2021

The Stedelijk Museum presents a comprehensive overview of the American artist Bruce Nauman. For over fifty years, Nauman has continually tested and reinvented what an artwork can be. His use of an eclectic range of media and unbridled urge to experiment makes him a key figure within art today. Nauman is an important source of inspiration and a benchmark for younger generations of artists. His interest in ambiguity and shades of meaning relates to everyday human experience, where certainty is not always guaranteed. The exhibition reflects Nauman’s preoccupation with themes such as the body, language, control, and the artist’s studio. Nauman’s work is disruptive, penetrating, absurd, and playful, and is often a physical as well as mental experience.

12. jul, 2021

One of the world's largest inland sand projects, the Zandverhalen, is located in Elburg. With some 4000 m3 of sand, dozens of lock gates, 1000-year-old olive trees, botters and sculptures, the stories of the culture of Bibles and botters are recreated. Photo album of my visit can be viewed on the page ''Capturing The Moment''

2. jul, 2021

STRAAT resides in an 8000 m2 former warehouse on the NDSM wharf, both a national monument and the biggest outdoor playground for graffiti and street art in Amsterdam. The current exhibition displays more than 150 artworks by 130+ artists. The artworks were created on-site and most of these visual experiences are as big as outdoor walls. Great to see art by artists that I have seen around the NDSM-Wharf many times, and to learn the story behind the artworks. Photo album of my visit you can find on the page ''Urbanart Photography''

11. jun, 2021

Blind Walls Gallery is a city mural museum. More than 90 artworks tell the stories of the city of Breda.

23. apr, 2021

Op de hoek van de Mimosastraat en de Amsterdamsestraatweg is het prachtige kunstwerk van JanIsDeMan te vinden. De favoriete boeken van buurtbewoners waren de input voor de muurschildering.