22. aug, 2014

Deceptive Advertising: Morron Terror Board Game

What it looks like: The inhabitants of an orphanage face daily TERROR at the hands of an alcoholic, cross-dressing caretaker named Benedict MORRON. Players compete to see who can respond to a series of loudly slurred commands the fastest. Don't be last, or else you'll get locked in a closet and deprived of food, daylight and human interaction for six days!

What it is: Freddy, who looks downright happy inside the box, needs to get dressed for the day. That's it. You follow the instructions on a cassette tape (the black thing in the middle of the box, kids), and the winner is whoever can put the clothing cards on Freddy in the right combination. Maybe ''terror'' means ''boring'' here.

(Source: www.cracked.com)