12. jul, 2014

Guillermo del Toro

' I am and have always been a weird guy. And my mind doesn't function in the real world. I have to have, every day, abstract myself into a language of fable and monsters to try to manage and understand - at what the world means. I interpret the good and the bad in our lives through monsters and parables that help me grasp who we are, or how we can make sense of this life we have. Every morning I leave my family home and I go to my office, which consists largely of 11,000 square feet of books and weird objects of art, and I am constantly inspired by the paintings & objects surrounding me or the books I have read or read every day. It's fun. I think in order to create movies, you should not solely be inspired by movies. It is important to enrich your storytelling language with every form of media that resonates with you. It can be a fairytale, a classic book, a video game, or a painting in a museum. It makes no difference, as long as it stimulates your storytelling drive.'