27. sep, 2014

Tv-Show Tie-In: Rainbowman Toys (1972-'73)

Rainbowman (Ai no Senshi Reinboman) focuses on pro wrestler Takeshi Yamoto, a young man who, after training in India with the yogi sage Devadatta, gains the ability to transform into a superhero called Rainbowman, who possesses seven different superhero forms called 'Dashes'. The seven Dashes represents Yin and Yang - Moon and Sun, and the five elements - wu xing of ancient Chinese philosophy. Dash 1 - Moon=Yellow, Dash 2 - Fire=Red, Dash 3 - Water=Blue, Dash 4 - Wood=Green, Dash 5 - Metal=Gold, Dash 6 - Earth=Brown, Dash 7 - Sun=White. Rainbowman's costume is color-coded and his powers relate to that element.