1. aug, 2014

Quasi Interesting Paraphernalia: Alfred Hitchcock's Why Board Game

'Why' is a board game from the late 1950's and is based on the television show Alfred Hitchcock Presents. There are two different realeases of the game: the original 1958 and the 1967 release, differing only in the box art. 'Why' can be played by two to four players aged 12 to adult. The four gamepiece characters are each humorous allusions to detectives of popular media fiction: Sergeant Monday (Sergeant Friday), Dick Grazy (Dick Tracy), Charlie Clam (Charlie Chan) and Shylock Bones (Sherlock Holmes). The six ''ghosts'' in the game are each based on actual historical figures: Daniel Boone, Pocahontas, Napoleon, Nero, Cleopatra and Henry the Eighth. The weapons in the game are a rope, a gun, poison and an ax. The motive cards include the ''Jealousy,'' '' Lover's Quarrel,'' '' Self Defense,'' and can be used only in conjunction with Alfred Hitchcock ''It's A Mystery To Me'' card.