1. aug, 2014

Buster Keaton's Tips For Throwing A Pie In Somebody's Face

' Number one is we don't use a regular baker's pie. So, what we used to do is our prop man would get our baker-whoever is closest to the studio-to make pie crust, two of them, with nothing in them. Take just a little flour and water to make a paste, just enough to glue the two together. So that your fingers wouldn't go through the bottom of it.

Now you fill it, about an inch, with just flour and water mixed, which clings like glue and stretches. Now, if I'm going to hit somebody in dark clothes, a brunette, you put a lemon meringue type of topping on it and garnish it with whipped cream. When it was somebody a light costume, a blond, something like that, you put in blueberry, and then enough whipped cream just so that it would splatter.'