15. dec, 2020

Nationaal Videogame Museum

On the second floor of a mall in Stadshart Zoetermeer, this amazing place lies to be discovered. Be forwarned: there will be sounds all around you, lights, flashes, and tons of video games.

When entering you get to make your first choice: how long do you want to play? 1 hour? 3? All day? While the 1 hour entrance is cheapest...it is far too short to marvel, discover and (most importantly) play the games in this museum. I recommend the three hours pass at least. For this pass you can play as much as you want (within that time frame) - so no need to throw coins in the consoles.

The museum has very old arcade games (from one of the first - which is played with ropes and pinball balls), to 80's and 90's computer games, and new Japanese games. Especially fun are the co-op consoles.

This unique museum is a must if you like video games, video game culture or or simply seeking something fun to do with your kids.