7. feb, 2021

LGBTQ Mural Ihsane Jarfi

The work is a tribute to Ihsane Jarfi who was murdered as a result of a homophobic crime in 2012, in Liège Belgium. Back then, the case had attracted national awareness and widespread reaction as a result of the barbaric nature of the crime. Ihsane’s father, Hassan Jarfi, wrote a book — “Le Couloir du Deuil” — ​The Mourning Hall — a book that tells the story of a father torn between his Muslim faith and the love for his son. The Rainbow House of Bruxelles has collaborated with Anthea Missy, a visual artist based in Brussels, to create the tribute in order to remind people of that symbolic case in the history of tolerance and acceptance of people who are of a sexual orientation that challenges norms and society.